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Local Nantucket residents reportedly feel that Kevin Spacey may well have victimized more teenagers from the area.

Spacey is currently in court for felony sex assault on charges. It is alleged that he groped a young man's genitals when he was just 18 years of age.

RadarOnline spoke to several residents who suspect that Spacey may have left more victims in his wake.

“I heard there were a couple of other victims over the past couple of years,” a waitress at one island restaurant to Radar. “Some of [the victims] don’t even live on the island but work here during the summer.”

Another local woman, who wanted to keep her identity, claims that her friend had a bad experience with Spacey:

“I don’t think it went to the level of being a crime but my friend was really bothered by it because [Spacey] was a bit aggressive,” she told them.

But no other locals have come forward to lodge a complaint against the Hollywood actor, who attended his arraignment smiling and smirking.