N.O.R.E Slams Candace Owens: She's Not A Legend, She's A Coon!!

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N.O.R.E has had enough of conservative Candace Owens and had strong opinions of her following her recent interview with Marc Lamont Hill.

"Really she is worse then my guest that we edited y'all need to relax," he said in a series of tweets. 

Hill recently sat down with Owens where she reiterated her stances.

"So we can do Candice show and not be judge!!! She is the worse thing to happen to black people ever were u at sis can u say mark hates black people no u can't say sh*t confusion is ya message. U can't name 1 black person this women helped she is just as bad as slavery don't worry I'll wait for that same energy @rosaclemente @marclamonthill she literally hates black people she not a legend only a coon freind of a coon let's go keep that energy Rosa!!!"

Is N.O.R.E. right? Peep the full interview below.