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Drink Champs co-host N.O.R.E. has responded to criticism over his recent controversial interview with Lamar Odom.

During the interview, N.O.R.E supplied Odom with shot after shot, and Odom slurred his way throughout the interview. Odom's battle with addiction is well known and documented.

"I kept bringing up the fact that he has a ring, but I did not know that he actually lost his rings," N.O.R.E. told Page Six. "So in retrospect he might've thought I was joking or making fun of him. So, he basically lost his rings, which he thought was public knowledge, but I didn't know. He thought that I was clowning him so he was upset with that. And I made it known that I wasn't aware."

Many viewers felt it was wrong of N.O.R.E. to have Odom on the show drinking knowing that he's in recovery for addiction and trying to turn his life around. At times, the interview was awkward to watch, and at one point, Odom even told him that he had wronged him.

Watch the full interview below.