East Coast rapper Mysonne continues his Gucci boycott and has released a video aptly titled, "F*ck Gucci."

Gucci caught heat from the Black community after they released their now infamous Blackface sweater. Several high profile rappers including T.I. and Soulja Boy swore off the fashion label.

Shortly after, Gucci pledged $5 million to 'Changemakers' an inclusion and diversity campaign charged with ensuring that they do not make the same mistakes - but Mysonne was not impressed.

"So let me get this right, @Gucci thinks compensation for Racism and Civil Rights violation is a combined 6 and a half million dollars over years, which they probably made that off Blacks in a day?" he wrote.

"Yall think we stupid huh?? Yall think we just happy to be here huh? Black communities have been harmed , Civil rights have been violated! Your organization has failed Us!! This is disrespectful And now I am more determined to shut you Down!! #FuckGucci #soulNotForSale"

Check out his new video below.