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New York rapper, Mysonne has responded to Rap-A-Lot Records' CEO J. Prince after his call to arms via Instagram in which he tagged multiple artists, including Mysonne.

But it seems Mysonne would have appreciated a private DM or phone call instead of J. Prince's public shenanigans.

"First of all I want to state that I dont condone this type of juvenile behavior! Neither I nor any one affiliated with me conducts themselves in this manner !" he wrote on Instagram.

"With that being said I respect @jprincerespect for what you have done for the culture and the way you have been A1 from day one, But I myself have conducted myself in a manner which demands a certain level of respect and consideration and the message you relayed on your instagram post was inappropriate. 

"Had you or mutual friends or acquaintances of ours reached out me thru Dm or phone I would have seen fit to reach out to anyone needed to right this wrong , on the premise of mutual respect and Admiration but as a result of this msg I have cowards on my page telling me "I better get that chain back" etc..The way your msg was delivered can be interpreted as more of a threat than a call out to allies to resolve a potential Catastrophic situation," he continued.

"These are kids who are not in my direct circle, and your msg puts me and what I represent in jeopardy. I want to believe that you meant it in all love and respect king, but unfortunately Social media was not the correct place to seek a solution to this problem, but on the contrary it may have done more harm. Please king utilize your Dm or use our mutual friends to connect with me and let's connect and Attempt to unite and fix all miscommunication. Respectfully Mysonne."

See the post below:

It seems that Mysonne has chosen to bow out of this street call. It wasn't his fight to begin with.

Cardi B, Remy Ma, Fat Joe, and Funk Flex were also named in J. Prince's original post.