Mysonne: DJ Akademiks Is A Hip Hop Cancer!!


Rapper Mysonne is calling out DJ Akademiks -- calling him a "Hip Hop cancer."

People are upset because Ak spoke about Lil Tum on his Twitch stream. Lil Tum is accused of shooting and killing rapper King Von. He thinks Ak was trying to be messy.

"So listen, this is why I say that this man is a cancer. This is why I say this man is dangerous to hip-hop. I've never met this man, I've never personally seen him and it's not like me to speak about somebody I never personally met," he said.

"I don't have no personal issues with [Akademiks.] It's never been anything personal. It's sh*t like this. It's understanding that this man that's not even from the streets, don't have a street bone in his body, never been in the streets, but this man is responsible for continuing to hype real beef when people are getting murdered. People are facing murder charges, people are dying. This man is literally trying to gaslight somebody to retaliate against [Lul Tim.]"