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If people aren't clear as to whether the Gucci boycott still stands or not, look no further than rapper Mysonne's social media.

In a new post, Mysonne makes it clear that the boycott is still very much on, and slams rappers who continue to wear the brand.

"Listen..Dont At me About Goofys wearing Gucci! You choose who and what you follow! You see who stand for what! No flaws on my Resume A1 since Day these streets and in The Front line for My people," he wrote in the posts caption.

"I stand on What I stand On. N*ggas want to wear Brands that call them Monkeys They are welcome. I'm not gonna Force Nobody to have self Respect!! You have to do that For Your Self!! Most the N*ggas Rocking That wack sh*t ain't Never tell you do Nothing that Helped you Evolve Anyway," he continued.

He also quoted late rapper Nipsey Hussle in the post:

"Yall Wanna follow niggas that ain't going No where..Fine. I offered Anyone the opportunity to a respectful public Discussion nobody took me up on That and the offer still stands. in The words of Nipsey #IAintNothingLikeTheseRapNiggas If yall need Gucci..Have Gucci 🤣.. But if you understand the time we In and Realize that if we dont stand for Something we fall for Anything Then I'm here! #Gangstabutwokeasf*ck #F*ckGucci"