Dapper Dan has been working hard to try and help Gucci do the right thing following the recent boycott, but rappers Mysonne and 50 Cent has slammed the Harlem designer for selling out.

In a post on Instagram, New York spitter Mysonne wrote:

"Unfortunately @dapperdanharlem as much as we love and Respect you and what you Mean to our culture, We have to reject this!! For Many reasons but for 2 in particular. One being because this is putting a Band aid on a Bullet wound!! These executives decided that they would attempt to reconcile a "Civil Rights" Violation by making "Fashion " changes. 2," his post began.

Before continuing:

"The hiphop community who were the ones offended, who were the ones who called for the boycott, were NOT PRESENT AT THE TABLE AS YOU Had ASSURED ME, That never happened, which was a disappointment. Nothing About us without US!! There needs to be serious inclusion and changes before we can even consider to consider allowing Gucci to benefit from this culture any further!!, #IworkForthePeople #soulNotForSale"


50 posted an image on Instagram, calling Dapper Dan a "coon."

While Dapper Dan appears to be working with Gucci to prevent another error like the blackface sweater from happening again - Mysonne and 50 obviously feel that Gucci should be left to handle their mess on their own.

Do you agree with them or nah? Let us know.