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'My Neck-My Back' singer/rapper Khia appears to be going through some financial difficulties. According to a popular Louisiana blog - her van was repossessed a few days ago.

The blog reported that Khia's van was taken from outside her home. And they showed images of the repo team placing Khia's van on a trailer, and towing it away.

The report suggests that Khia lost the van, because she wasn't paying the note.

So far Khia has not responded to the claims of the blog.

Here's the tea:

But this news of Khia's van getting reposessed comes just two weeks after the female rapper suffered another public embarrassment, regarding her finances. Two weeks ago, her phone got cut off by Verizon. 

She was on the air live-streaming a blog, when she learned that her phone bill wasn't being paid. And embarrassingly, all her fans learned about the non-payment too.


The American rapper and record producer was born Khia Shamone Chambers in Philadelphia in 1977. She began her music career in 2002 with the release of "Thug Mistress", her first studio album. The lead single of the album, "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)", a song she claimed to have written in 15 minutes ranked number 12 on the Hot Rap Tracks.

Since then she has released three other albums, "Gangstress" in 2004, "Nasti Muzik" in 2008 and "Motor Mouf" in 2009. She has also released a number of singles including "So Excited" with Janet Jackson that peaked at the Hot Dance Club Party chart, "So Addicted" and "Pay your Pussy Bill". She is currently working on her fifth album "Love Locs" which is scheduled to debut in a couple of months.