My 600 Lb Life cast member Schenee Murry went viral a few days ago, for staging an eating contest - while she lay in a hospital bed, for obesity related health problems.

Many of her fans on social media are worried - that the large reality star may be killing herself with food.

Schenee appeared on Season 6 of the TLC show, and was infamously kicked out of Dr. Nowzaradan’s weight loss program, because she didn't take the program seriously. 

Since then, Schenee has been hospitalized multiple times - for obesity related health ailments, including blood and respiratory issues. At her peak, Schenee weighted 780 pounds.

In the video - that has since gone viral -  Schenee,  and her husband Fred filmed a 20+ minute clip of her eating hot wings from Wingstop in an "eating contest". At several points throughout the video, a woman who Schenee refers to as her PCA (Patient Care Assistant) can be heard laughing and commenting off-camera.