My 600 Lb Life star Joe Wexler has split from his wife Sarah of almost three years. According to Joe, he caught his BBW bride cheating on him.

Joe has been on the TLC series twice - most recently on a Where Are They Now? episode centered on his August 6, 2016 marriage to Sarah.

Joe explained the end of his marriage to his fans, in a social media post. In the post, Joe told his fans that he was ending his marriage to Sarah Wexler. In his announcement, Joe said only that Sarah had “made some poor choices” and that she “decided she needed to step outside of [their] marriage vows.”

He later explained further about her alleged affair:

Hey everyone. It has been a while since I have written an update to the group so I thought I would take a moment and let everyone know what’s been going on with me lately. As some of you may or may not know, I divorced Sarah because she decided to have an affair on me. That took a heavy toll on me and slipped me into a depression for a while that made me revert back to some bad habits. I did gain as a result of it. What’s worse is the affair was so bad, that while my best friend was helping me move out of my house so I could come back to TN, she moved her new boyfriend in with a new bed and everything. What’s worse is she says it was a mistake and wishes she could take it all back, but yet she is living with the dude and still sleeping with him. Yes, I am bitter at it but only because I gave my all to it and I was loyal to her, but it wasn’t enough.

Joe and Sarah met in an online weight loss group before his My 600 Lb Life debut back in 2015.