My 600 Lb life star Schenee Murry recently lost more than 300 pounds - and to celebrate she leaked a twerking video on social media. 

Schenee went viral last week, when rumors surfaced on social media - that the reality star had gained weight, and was approaching 800 pounds again.

She also made news last year - when she was hospitalized for her extreme weight.  Instead of trying to lose weight for her health and wellness, she began entering eating contests - and uploading videos of her eating from her hospital bed!

She infamously kicked out of Dr. Nowzaradan’s weight loss program following her My 600 Lb Life debut back in Season 6 and has never seemed truly dedicated to the weight loss she needs to live any sort of normal life.

Here's that video:

But at the beginning of 2019, Schenee turned over a new leaf. She told her followers that she’d managed to drop more than 300 pounds from her peak My 600 Lb Life weight of 780.

She's still big - but she's half the size that she was on the show.

And this is what she looks like now.


To celebrate, she leaked this twerk video:

Schenee notes multiple times that she’s been “having problems” with her “anxiety” and “breathing,” as well as the sickle cell anemia with which she says she was diagnosed earlier this year.

Those health problems, combined with the bullying Schenee says she’s subjected to on a daily basis, have left her particularly despondent.

“I feel so far away from home,” Schenee says. “I never expected this. It’s not real to me, right now.”