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My 600 Lb. Life star Annjeannette Whaley was made famous when the 30-year-old San Diego native, joined the TLC reality show. TLC described Annjeannette as follows:

“When Annjeannette was 9, a campaign was established to send her to fat camp. She hated that her weight had become a source of public shame and she has struggled to overcome her food addiction. Now, she must change her habits to save her life.”

Annjeannette started her weight loss journey weighing 679 pounds. The reality star struggled with food addiction for most of her life, and claims her weight issues were a result of having a drug-addict mother who died from a heroine overdose when Annjeannette was a little girl. 

On My 600 Lb. Life, Annjeannette ended up losing 274 pounds by the end of the episode.

But that was just the beginning. We caught up with Annjeannette and she's dropped another 150 pounds.

She's now gone from being a BBW to being - what many are calling a PAWG.