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MURDER MYSTERY: Preschool Teacher Is MURDERED . . . Thrown In Pond With CEMENT TIED TO HER LEGS . . . Who Could Have KILLED HER??

Author: has some sad news. A 24-year-old pre-kindergarten teacher was found dead yesterday. And police say that the young woman was dumped into a Chester County, Pennsylvania, pond over the Memorial Day holiday and had a cinder block tied to her leg.

Ryan Stevyn Benjamin, is a native of Rochester New York, who taught pre-school at Warwick Childcare in Pottstown and was a certified teacher. She is a graduate of Juniata College in central Pennsylvania.

Police do not yet have a suspect, but say that there were "no signs of obvious trauma, gun shot, stabbings, blunt force." Police also say that the killer believed to be at large.

She's photo'd with her boyfriend Ryan in the pics.