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Mulatto Shoots Her Shot At Fivio Foreign During Freestyle!!

Rapper Mulatto trended online on Thursday when the XXL Freshman Cypher dropped -- and during her freestyle, she appeared to shoot her shot at Fivio Foreign.

"I ain't even f*ck a rap n*gga yet/But if Fivio want to, then I ain't gon' pass on him/ Yeah, bitch, I get my MAC on, he ain't trickin', I skip him like bad songs/I just dropped a hundred on jewelry during a pandemic/Yeah, my money that long," Mulatto rapped.

The rapper featured on The Rap Game four years ago, but it's only now that she is getting the shine that she genuinely deserves. Her freestyle was hailed as the best of those releases from the Freshman class so far this year -- it seems that 2020 is going to be a successful year for the Atlanta star.

"They like outside of rap what's your hobby/ Is sh*ttin' on bitches a hobby? /Insecure bitch that made her n*gga block me/ We sixty-nine, no Tekashi/Difference is he better not go tell nobody/I was just watching this cypher last year now/Look at me now, only God can stop me."