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27-year-old Max Garcia, who appeared on the MTV Reality show TRUE LIFE was shot and killed. Max appeared on the reality show 3 years ago, with his girlfriend Lexi Gibson. 

The show was about dating with HIV.

According to reports, Max was homeless and couch surfing with her and friends for a few days at a time before leaving.

Lexi gave an interview yesterday with Las Vegas' 8 News Now, where she told the media that Max would stay with her or his friends for a few days at a time, and insisted on not overstaying his welcome.
According to Lexi, Max was going through tough times, and living on his friend's couches. But he was working on getting back on his feet.

Lexi also told the reporter that she and Max were together days before he died.

“When he left my house a few days ago, he told me that when we gets all of his stuff together physically, that he would show up with a ring and I would be his,” Lexi said.

Las Vegas police say that Max was sleeping on the sidewalk of a shopping center early Saturday morning right before he and a security guard named Brian Love got into an argument.

According to police, surveillance video shows Brian Love pulled out a gun firing shooting Max multiple times. Detectives say Brian Love didn’t call the police after the shooting, so Max’s body wasn’t found until later.

Brian Love, who worked for SOS Security, was fired from his security position following the deadly shooting. He is now facing a charge of murder with the use of a deadly weapon.