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MTO WORLD SUPER-EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj Is Now CASUALLY Dating . . . Another Rapper . . . FETTY WAP!!! (Meek Just Got His FINAL 'L' Of 2016)

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nicki_fetty's got some EXPLOSIVE tea for you guys - people close to Nicki Minaj believe that Meek's ex is now dating FETTY WAP!!!

This is word coming from people who ACTUALLY KNOW Nicki. According to two people close to Nicki, she and Fetty have developed what is being called a "close relationship."

Nicki's friend tells, "They're working on projects together, and maybe more."

But we're not ready to call them "dating" or "in a relationship" yet. Nicki's friend explains, "Lets see where [Fetty's] head is at."

Fetty Wap reportedly got seven women pregnant all in his FIRST YEAR OF FAME. Since then, he's settled down a bit.