MTO WORLD SUPER EXCLUSIVE: We Got ALL The Details And PICS . . . On The THOT On The Kevin Hart EXTORTION TAPE . . . And The SCAMMERS Behind The PLOT!!! (She's HORRIBLE)

Original: has been reporting news of the Kevin Hart alleged sextape scandal - well now we have details on the woman in the tape. We spoke with folks in the know - and they describe the woman - as an AWFUL SELF HATING THOT!!!

We're also told that folks suspect that the WOMAN IN THE VIDEO is behind the elaborate extortion scheme (or someone with access to her phone is).

There are rumors online that the woman in the tape is a Miami singer named Monique (MoMo) - but that's NOT TRUE. MoMo had NOTHING to do with this.

The REAL woman in the tape is a 27-year-old woman named Montiah Louis Sabagg. And we got EVERY LITTLE BIT OF TEA on her.

Montiah went to high school in Revere, Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston). She goes back and forth between Revere and Long Beach where she currently resides.

She is a stripper and parties A LOT - and she's a LOW-LEVEL THOT. According to our sources, Montiah works only at low-class strip clubs.

In addition to stripping, Montiah also works as a host at high-end private poker tournaments where she likes to be around millionaires. There are ALL kinds of rumors about some of the stuff she does at those tournaments, but we can't confirm them so we'll keep our lips shut.

What makes us suspicious that she's involved is that she recently made her IG account private and deleted her Facebook page. But Montiah reached out to TMZ, and told then that she is NOT involved. learned that the scammers (who she may be associated with) use a burner phone out of Wisconsin to make the extortion threats. We did a reverse look up on the phone and it is tied to many scams.

Another little bit of tea - Montiah is also very friendly with a rapper out of Vegas named Traffic DaGreat. And coincidentally he just deleted his FB page and took his IG account private.

The scammers (whom she may be affiliated with) used an email address which is registered to a PO Box in Panama to make $15 million demands for the video.