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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: 'MARTIN' Reunion Show Will NOT Include Cole . . . Cole Asked And Martin Told Him . . . 'HELL NO'!!!!

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The Martin reboot looks like it’s HAPPENING – with ALL the cast members signed on – except one. learned that Martin has agreed to work with ALL the former cast – except one actor – Carl Anthony Payne (Cole).

Our MTO snitch explained, “Martin is a b*tch a** n***a. He expects everyone to forgive him for the f**k sh*t he pulled, but he won’t work with the only MAN on the set to stand up to him, Carl.”

The insider explained, “Carl is a proud man, but he reached out to Martin and asked to be on the re-boot Martin told him ‘Hell no’ and hung up. F**k that n***a.”

During an interview with ThisIs50, Payne was very open and honest and the pair's dislike for one another.

“He had issues with himself really. I think [Martin] was battling his own demons. It became a not so great place to work.”

Tisha Campbell has been receiving some criticism from fans who are surprised by her sudden change of direction. Campbell has been spotted out in public with Lawrence, smiling, laughing and even hugging - but people aren't buying the fake love.

One follower had this to say:

"Tisha Campbell sold her soul for a paycheck and set back the #MeToo movement. Working w/the man she sued for sexual harassment. One must ask themselves. Was it sexual harassment?"

Payne's refusal to kiss ass for the sake of a check is to be applauded - though we'd really love the whole gang to be included in the reboot. Without him, it just won't be the same.

Wow, Martin seems like he’s a real HATER.

Carl spoke about his beef with Martin here: