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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: We Were AT Love And Hip Hop MIAMI Reunion Show . . . The Most VIOLENCE . . . Of Any Reunion Show!! (VERY Extreme Ratchet TEA)

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The premiere season of Love & Hip Hop has taken the country by storm. While many were skeptical about the franchise's new venture (because let's face it - we didn't know half of the cast members,), it has sparked a lot of debate about colorism within the industry.

During the series, we saw Amara La Negra's struggle to be taken seriously. Shay rolled up in Miami to be with her bf Pleasure P. Trina mediated for Trick Daddy and his estranged wife. Lil' Scrappy also rolled up for the new series. Bobby Lytes broke up with his boyfriend in an explosive way, and this was only a taste of all of the drama that went down.

Of course, MediaTakeOut was in the building for the show's first-ever reunion - and it did not disappoint!

But we cannot give EVERYTHING away.

Here’s the TEA that we can discuss:

Nina Parker hosted the reunion show, and she did a good job.
During the show, Nina (the host) got into it with Pretty Ricky Member
BABY BLUE. It got a little heated and looked like Nina was ready to POP HIM.
Shay basically got into it with Trina, Chinese Kitty, & Chinese Nicki.
Trina’s cousin ALVIN ran up and PUNCHED Bobby.
JoJo and Veronica started fighting physically.
Amara La Negra discussed the issues she had with Veronica, Steph Lecor, and Young Hollywood.
Prince got ‘JUMPED’ by Pleasure P and other members of Pretty Ricky.
Gabby wasn’t there. She SKYPED In.
Jeffrey and Malik BROKE UP on the reunion show.