MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: T.I.'s Wife Tiny Buys A NEW SPORTS CAR . . . With The First 'SUPPORT CHECK' . . . . That T.I. SENT HER!!! (Spend That Money GIRRRL)

Tiny_MercGT learned that T.I. has sent his FIRST support check to his estranged wife Tiny. Well Tiny decided to use the money for a SPLURGE.

She bought a $150K Mercedes GT.

Tiny and T.I., who have been together since 2001 and married since 2010, erupted in divorce rumors last year. There were allegations of T.I. frequent infidelities - including his alleged latest, Bernice Burgos - and T.I. didn't seem too happy that Tiny was once seen hanging with his frenemy Floyd Mayweather.

Tiny filed for divorce this past December.