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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Successful Black Businessman . . . Founder Of 'GOLDEN KRUST' Jamaican Beef Patty Found DEAD . . . Police Say SUICIDE . . . But Friends Suspect MURDER!!! (Details)

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Yesterday the world lost a great businessman - Lowell Hawthorne, 57, the founder of the Jamaican Beef Patty and Restaurant business GOLDEN KRUST was found dead inside his Bronx, NY factory.

According to reports from the NY Daily New and the Jamaica Gleaner- Lowell reportedly "shot himself in the head twice."

And if you think the idea of a man shooting himself "in the head twice" sounds unbelievable - you're not alone. spoke with TWO people close with Lowell who believe that he may have been MURDERED. One person told, "He was a successful businessman, it makes no sense. How can the police say suicide so quickly, did they do any investigation."

And folks on social media seem to agree. Here are some concerns from fans of Lowell and his business:

Michael Simpson: "Somebody please tell me that this is fake news. Because if it is true I can tell you that it is a murder case."

Dennis Latham: "Don't believe he committed suicide - I believe he was murdered.... unless people actually SAW HIM DO IT ? I AM sticking with murder ... especially if the murderer has connections with the police..."

Donna Jarret-Paris: "Hmmm sounds like murder coverup."

We're reaching out to local police, to ensure that they've done a THOROUGH JOB ruling out any foul play.

Lowell started his company with one tiny store in the Bronx in 1989 and grew it to over 17 in the NYC area and 120 nationwide. Golden Krust was the first Caribbean-owned business in the US to be granted a franchise license.

It also has a large distribution - their products are carried at more than 20,000 stores worldwide.