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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Sophia Richie DUMPS Scott Disick . . . We Got ALL THE DETAILS!!!

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MTO NEWS confirmed that Sophia Richie DUMPED Scott Disick. The couple broke up two weeks ago, after a big blow-up fight.
What happened? Well according to people CLOSE TO SOPHIA – the 19-year-old “got tired of old lame Scott.”

Sophia’s close friend told MTO NEWS, “Scott was fun, but he’s too old. And he’s really lame too.”

Another reason – Sophia’s FAMILY hated her reality star boyfriend.

The insider explained, Lionel [Richie] didn’t like Scott either, but he never pushed [Sophia] to drop him. He knew eventually she’d get tired of Scott, and [Sophia] did.

Apparently, Scott Disick unfollowed Ritchie on Instagram after his ex Kourtney Kardashian unfollowed her boo, Younes Bendjima. Could there be a reunion between Kourtney and Scott on the way?

A source told Hollywood Life -“Kourtney unfollowing her man on social media is the beginning of the end for Kourtney and her boy toy. Scott has never stopped loving her. If it turns out Kourt is single again, you can bet that Scott will leave Sofia and start spending more time at home with Kourt and the kids,” they added As much fun as Scott has been having with Sofia, he still loves Kourt very much and would love to put his family back together.”

We will be keeping a very close eye on this story as it develops.