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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Drake Got ROBBED . . . His 'SO CALLED FRIENDS' . . . Made Off With Over $200K From His House!! (DETAILS)

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Remember that GIRL FIGHT that happened inside Drake's LA home - well it was all just a SET-UP. You see, Drake while everyone was watching the girls fight - some of Drake's 'SO CALLED FRIENDS' ran up in his house and stole money from Drizzy.

Here's what a girl who was at the party told

Drake got robbed Memorial weekend by [WE AT MTO AIN'T SNITCHES-name removed]. His boys did it while the girls were fighting. It was all planed [that] the girls would fight to attract attention, then [his] boys ran through Drake's room and took 240 grand in cash.

This was all possible because the two big ass dudes he had before are gone working for other people. [Drake] has lame a*s security now who let the party go unchecked.

I know it's true cause me and my girls spent some of the money???????????????????????????? you not from out here but you run out here huh!! No run TORoNTO this is LA homeboy!!!!????????????

Drizzy should have stuck with his NO NEW FRIENDS motto . . .