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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Popular MEGA-STAR Is Bi-Polar . . . REFUSES To Take His Medication . . . And Has Begun 'SELF MEDICATING' With Cocaine!!!

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We here at are very SAD to have to report this story. But a person close to the EXTREMELY WORLD RENOWNED celebrity set us this info. They hope it will lead the celebrity to get help:

This is not really gossip, but it's all true, and it's very sad and alarming.

[Popular celebrity] really needs help, and no one close to [them] is interested in helping do what's best. [Popular celeb] was diagnosed as a child with bipolar disorder. [Popular celeb] went untreated for most of [their] life, until [the] teen years when [popular celeb's] behavior became so bad that medication was necessary.

[Popular celeb] continued medicating until about five years ago, when [popular celeb] became such a huge star. [Popular celeb] started off using holistic remedies to treat the symptoms [of bipolar disorder]. At first it worked, but now it's not anymore.

What's worse is that [popular celeb] is now taking hard drugs, cocaine and pills, to self medicate. [A GROUP OF PEOPLE] who are supposed to be the ones closest to [popular celebrity] are just watching as [popular celeb's life] is spinning out of control.

MTO, please put this out. We sat back and tried to deny the truth when Whitney was on drugs - and she's gone. The same with Michael and Prince. I don't want the world to lose another great one.

We really pray for THAT CELEBRITY to go and get the proper help.