MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Memphis Police MURDER Innocent And Unarmed Black Man . . . And He Livestreams His OWN DEATH #BlackLivesMatter!!! (Graphic Shock Video)

Rodeny_Murdered1 learned that the Memphis police shot and killed an unarmed Black man named Rodney Hess in Memphis yesterday, and there is no evidence that he did anything wrong - AT ALL. can report that Rodney had his car stopped on the side of the road, when he was approached by officers. The officer asked Rodney some questions, and Rodney and the officer began arguing. At one point, Rodney asked to speak with the officers supervisor - and he likely LOST HIS LIFE for making that statement.

As the below video shows, multiple officers came on the scene. And when Rodney tried to drive off - thinking that he had done nothing wrong - he was shot and killed. The video clearly shows that Rodney was NOT trying to hit or run over ANY of the officers.

Here is what the "official" police account is saying, which contradicts the video.

Back up officers came and Hess was refusing officers' commands and made multiple erratic statements, according to TBI.

TBI also asserted that Hess tried to use his vehicle to strike the officers twice. FOX13 is told there were multiple officers surrounding the vehicle.

During the exchange, at least one officer fired at the SUV striking Hess.

After he was shot, he was able to drive off and crashed.