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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Offset Done MESSED UP REAL BAD This Time . . . He Got TWO Of His Side Chicks PREGNANT!! (Will Cardi Leave NOW??)

Author: just received word from the website Crazy Days & Nights that Cardi B's fiance just had his life IMPLODE.

The typically RELIABLE website is saying that Offset has TWO new BABYS mothers.

Here's what they are saying:

So far, this rapper and his A list initialed A list rapper girlfriend have been pushing back against reports he got someone pregnant while dating. It looks like the total is not just one other woman, but two. So far. Is there something that prevents condom use when you are famous and in a relationship?

Cardi B/Offset

We heard the rumor is that one of the pregnant girls is one of his CURRENT baby's mother, and the other is an INSTA-THOT.