MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: It's Official . . . KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN Just Dumped Scott Disick . .. For A Much Younger BLACK GUY!! (Pics Of Her New Man)


Kourtney earned her Kardashian stripes last night - by making it official. Kourtney is NO LONGER with her baby's father Scott Disick - and her new man, like Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Kendall, Kylie and even Caitlyn ... is BLACK. can EXCLUSIVELY CONFIRM that Kourtney is officially dating Diddy's 26-year-old stepson Quincy Combs.

The couple went out on a date yesterday, and were very OPEN with their relationship.

Since breaking up with Scott, Kourtney has been drawn to younger men like Justin Bieber. But this is the first time she's following in her family's footsteps and going all out black.