MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj Was Remy Ma's GHOST WRITER . . . And Now We've GOT PROOF OF IT!! (No Wonder Remy Was HATING)


The Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. January 2018 hasn't come to an end yet, and the musical foes are at it again!

In the past, Remy Ma had cited the source of the beef as Nicki wanting to be the one female rapper in the spotlight and accused Nicki of trying to close doors for her peers, including Remy. Nicki has been painted out to be both a hater and a gatekeeper and has had run-ins with everybody from Lil Kim to Iggy Azalea.

But, we have a little more tea to share with y'all... According to multiple sources, Nicki was Remy’s “ghostwriter” for a number of songs – on her last album Plata or Plomo, with Fat Joe.

We went to the BMI website – and we've found evidence to back up these sources claims (see below)

Our snitch revealed to us that Remy used Nicki’s bars OFTEN, but Remy also wrote a lot of her lines also. So they CAN work and get money together without raising hell!

The two ladies have an AIR TIGHT confidentiality agreement – which prevents Nicki from talking about it. It's safe to say that they are both getting paid from each other's projects, but the working relationship has only led to further resentment!

Do you think the rappers will reconcile in 2018? We think it's more likely that Remy Ma will put out a "ShETHER pt. 2" and that Nicki will continue to take BLATANT subliminals on every track she hops on this year!