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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj Is FURIOUS That Migos 'LEAKED' Motorsport . . . Claims She Was 'TRICKED' . . . Into Recording New Song With CARDI B!!!

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Two days ago, Cardi B's boyfriend and his MIGOS GROUP MEMBERS released a track - that featured both Nicki Minaj and Cardi B on it. spoke with folks in Nicki Minaj's camp . . . and they're FURIOUS over it.

What happened, you ask? Well no one is quite sure - but folks in Nicki's camp believe that the PLATINUM ALBUM selling rapper has been PLAYED.

We're told that Nicki's team sent that verse to be on a remix of "For Keeps" with Quavo.

Will Offset and the team put the verse on "Motorsport" instead with Cardi B - and didn't tell Nicki about it.

Poor Nicki thought the new "FOR KEEPS" was coming out this weekend - and she's FURIOUS that she got played. Notice how Nicki has NOT promoted "Motorsport" on social media yet.

Unfortunately for Nicki, Migos and them did their paperwork properly, there's nothing that Nicki's team can do to SHUT DOWN THE SONG.

Say what you want about Nicki, but what they're doing to her is UNFAIR. We're officially TEAM NICKI in this battle.