MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj DUMPED Meek Mill . . . And We Have The Details WHY SHE FIRED HIM!! (Is Nicki Being PETTY . . . Or Did Meek DESERVE IT??)

meek-mill-nicki learned that Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj are OFFICIALLY OVER. The two have been ON AND OFF for almost two years, but now the break is official.

We confirmed the break up with a person inside Nicki's INNER CIRCLE. And the insider explained what happened with the couple.

The insider explained, "Nicki and Meek are not on the same page. Meek still wants to go to the hood, hang out with his boys and ride bikes. Nicki's into refined things, like museums and fashion shows."

The insider continued, "They both have similar pasts, so they hit it off. But Nicki is no longer in a 'hood mentality' and Meek is. One day he'll grow up and maybe they'll get back together."

We asked whether the decision for the couple to break up was mutual - but it wasn't. The MTO insider tells us, "Nicki wanted to leave, Meek wants her back."