MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Hart's Gonna Be A DADDY AGAIN . . . His Wife Eniko's PREGNANT!! (PICS)

Eniko_Pregnant3 just got word from a ROCK SOLID INSIDER - that A-list actor Kevin Hart and his beautiful wife Eniko are expecting.

According to our tipster, Kevin and Eniko are "two months along and are over the moon happy." We're also told that Kevin's kids and his ex-wife are also overjoyed over the prospect of Kevin and Eniko's new baby.

We're happy for Kevin. He found TRUE hapiness with Eniko, and now they can share their happiness and blessings with a child.

The below pics show Eniko last night. She's too early to have a stomach, but you can definitely see that pregnancy glow on her.

Congrats to the homie Kevin Hart.