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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Keri Hilson BROKE UP With NFL Baller Boyfriend . . . Because She Caught Him . . . Listening To BEYONCE ALBUM!!! (Is She Being PETTY??)

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Keri Hilson is a single lady again . . . she broke up with her NFL baller boyfriend Ricardo Lockett. And the reason they split is CRAZY.

Keri and Ricado have been dating now for close to a YEAR - and it looks like they were actually getting close to MARRIAGE.

But the last few weeks nas been tough. learned that Keri and Ricardo were fighting more recently - but the straw that broke the camel's back is . . . BEYONCE.

That's right. According to an EXTREMELY reliable insider whose close to Keri, Keri "caught" him listening to Lemonade."

The insider explained, "Keri doesn't like Beyonce, or her fans, everyone knows this. He wasn't just listening to [Lemonade] he was playing it to hurt Keri. F**k that, she should have dumped him."

Hooly crap. Beyonce is outchea messing up people's RELATIONSHIPS now???

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