MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lopez Is OFFICIALLY A Cougar . . Guess Which RAPPER . . . She Was Spotted CUDDLING With Last Night!!! (Not Drake)


News broke over the weekend that Jennifer Lopez and Drake were NO LONGER together . . . well now it appears that Jennifer has a new man. EXCLUSIVELY learned that J Lo and CHANCE THE RAPPER were spotted cuddling last night - at the GQ Grammy after party at Chateau Marmont. By "cuddling" we mean sitting real close to each other - and whispering in each other's ears and laughing. They DEFINITELY looked like there was chemistry between them. managed to GET INSIDE of the GQ party - and we spotted the two of them with OUR OWN EYES. It was in VIP though, and photos were strictly prohibited.

The two were photo'd together earlier in the night - backstage after Chance got his Grammy though.

We can't hate at ALL on J Lo . . . she's proud of her COUGAR WAYS!!