MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj Insider Says Jay And Bey Got Cardi B To Perform At Concert 'FOR FREE' . . . Only Got A 'SELFIE' With Bey!! (Dang . . . Cardi Got FINESSED)


Jay Z and Beyonce are BILLIONAIRES for a reason - they know how to get the MOST out of people.

We just got word from a person EXTREMELY CLOSE to Nicki Minaj's camp - that Cardi B performed at Jay and Bey's MADE IN AMERICA concert for "FREE."

The insider explained, "[People] are trying to say that Bey crowned Cardi the new Queen of Hip Hop at [Made In America]. She didn't do anything like that."

The Minaj insider continued, "The only reason why Bey took a picture with that dusty b*tch [Cardi B] is cause they didn't pay her for her [concert] performance."

The snitch added, "Cardi is a dumb b*tch, she's getting paid with selfies. LOL."