MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Insider Claims Rick Ross Is 'NEGLECTING' 11-Year-Old Son . . . And Now The Boy . . . Is In THERAPY FOR 'DEPRESSION'!!! (PICS)


Rick Ross is currently involved in a hip hop battle with rapper Birdman - over what Ross believes is Birdman's mistreatment of his adopted son Lil Wayne.

But spoke with an MMG insider who feels that Rozay needs to spend more time worrying about his own SON, than worrying about Birdman's son.

That's because learned that Ross 11-year-old son is currently "in therapy" battling "depression."

The insider told, "Ross has been neglecting his son. The last time he saw the boy was on Christmas." The insider added, " [Ross' son] had a successful football season, and went all the way to the state championships - and Ross didn't attend a single game."

And without his superstar dad in his life, we're told that Ross son has been depressed. The MMG insider explains, "The boy is in therapy. He really needs his father."

We reached out to Rick Ross baby's mother Tia Kemp for confirmation of the details. So far we have not heard back from her.