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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Love And Hip Hop Star AMARA LA NEGRA Poses For ANOTHER . . . NUDE Photoshoot . . . Is She Becoming A THOT?????

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Amara La Negra from LOVE AND HIP HOP MIAMI is everywhere – and it seems like she’s always NEKKID.
The reality star burst on the scene a few months ago, and she’s already posed for nearly HALF A DOZEN nude or semi-nude photoshoots.

There are also rumors of an alleged SEXTAPE of her being leaked.

In an exclusive interview with The Grio, she talked about the challenges of dating.

“Look at all of this! [...]“And I’m keeping to myself because ’cause I ain’t got no man. I get a lot of DMs and stuff like that but I think I can be a little bit intimidating, and it’s a little hard to find a man that can understand my career. That knows that if I’m traveling and I don’t come back home for two weeks, I’m not doing anything else, I’m literally just working. So it’s a little hard to find that.” She added “I would love to be dating. I don’t really have a lot of time for that, but we could make some time!"

La Negra has just released her first music video "What a Bam Bam," which samples Sister Nancy's 1982 reggae classic.

She could be a thot, but perhaps she is just comfortable in her beautiful, chocolate skin and wants to show it off to the world. Nobody complains when JLo prances around NEKKID - so how is La Negra showing her bare flesh any different?

Check out Amara La Negra's saucy photoshoot below.

Here is the link to the video of the photoshoot