MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: We Got Some EXTREMELY Juicy News About Nicki And Her EX-Safaree . . . They Have A 'DIVORCE' Pending In A MANHATTAN COURT!!!


Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels ARE MARRIED, sources close to the couple CONFIRMED with, but not for long.

Remember yesterday when Nicki was GOING OFF on Safaree, about a lawsuit. Well since then, TMZ, E! News, and all the other gossip sites have been LOOKING for the lawsuit - and they can't find it.

Well there's good reason for that. The lawsuit is filed UNDER SEAL in Manhattan Supreme Court, and it's a 'DIVORCE LAWSUIT'. confirmed that thee is a divorce pending between a woman named Onika Tanya Maraj Samuels and man named Safaree Lloyd Samuels, in a Manhattan court. All details to the divorce are filed UNDER SEAL - that means NO ONE IN THE PRESS has access to the lawsuit - not even us. The court's website shows court dates for the divorce of 'Samuels vs Samuels' - which continue for the next few months.

We have NO IDEA how long Safaree and Nicki were married, or if they have a prenup but it MAKES SENSE NOW why Safaree could be alleging ABUSE against Nicki. You see, under New York law is a party to a divorce alleges abuse, the divorce moves quicker and the abused party gets preferential treatment.