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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The Producer That SEXUALLY ASSAULTED Actor Terry Crews Is BLACK . . . And He Has Actor's . . . GIVING UP THEIR BOOTY For Movie Roles!! (EXCLUSIVE Details))

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    Original: spoke with a person EXTREMELY CLOSE with actor Terry Crews - to get more details on the predatory male producer Terry claims sexually assaulted him. And chile . . . we got the TEA, the crumpets and the honey.

We were told the following: "The producer is not White, he's BLACK. Yes, we [Black people] do the same stuff to ourselves." The insider continued, "That [producer] is known for doing the same stuff that Weinstein did, except to men." can't name names - but we've been told that one young actor on a project being run by this powerful producer - is basically his "sex slave." The insider explained, "That poor kid has to continue giving up [the booty], or it's over."