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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Cookie Got DUMPED . . . Empire Actress Taraji Henson's NFL Boyfriend . . . Dropped Her For A BLONDE!!!


Cookie Lyons is SINGLE AGAIN - according to folks in the know.

Last year, actress Taraji Henson was traveling the globe with her then boyfriend former NFL player Kelvin Harris.

We just word is that they are NO LONGER TOGETHER. A tipster tells, "[Kelvin] is dating a very pretty blonde from Chicago. They both live there, and Taraji lives in L.A."

The tipster continues, "[Kelvin] is a very successful businessman and he doesn't need any of Taraji's drama."

Wow, we actually thought they were pretty serious. . . Kelvin and Taraji were celebrating happier times last holiday season. They spent some of it hanging out in Miami. Taraji is 12 years older than Kelvin.