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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Cardi B Signs SAFAREE To Be Her New GHOST WRITER . . . And Now . . . She Sounds JUST LIKE NICKI!! (Did She STEAL Nicki's FLOW??)

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Cardi B is pulling out ALL THE STOPS - to pass Nicki Minaj as hip hop's TOP ARTIST. Her latest move is the most SCANDALOUS ONE of her career.

According to multiple people IN THE KNOW, Cardi has been using Nicki Minaj's ex SAFAREE SAMUELS as a GHOST WRITER.

Safaree has been credited with "helping" Nicki write almost ALL her hit songs. Now he's working with Cardi.

And you can ALREADY hear Safaree's influence on Cardi's NEW FLOW.

Listen to her new song, which we're told was GHOST written by Safaree. She now SOUNDS like Nicki:

It sounds like another song that Safaree helped out Nicki with: