MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Cardi B Goes To WAR With Joseline From LOVE AND HIP HOP . . . Cardi Leaks Her Own DISS TRACK . . . Against Joseline!!! (Which One Is BETTER??)


Yesterday told you guys that JOSELINE HERNANDEZ created a DISS TRACK against Cardi B.

Well Cardi officially CLAPPED BACK. Listen to the new track she leaked last night. It's the UNOFFICIAL response to Joseline's DISS TRACK.

Here's Joseline's Diss track - where she basically threatened Cardi - and claimed that she has Herpes:

So where is all this "can't stand you-ness "coming from? Well back in August, Stevie J claimed Joseline was jealous of Cardi’s success after appearing on the reality show Love & Hip Hop - which Joseline also starred in - but didn't seem to have the same meteoric rise.