MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Cardi B DUMPED Rapper OFFSET From Migos . . . When He DEMANDED $250,000 . . . For His Feature On Her Song 'LICK'!!! (Should She Have PAID Him??)

Original: just got a JUICY piece of information - and it has to do with OFFSET and CARDI B . . . they are NO LONGER an item.

We spoke to a person close to OFFSET who told us that the couple's breakup WASN'T over women . . . it was over money.

The snitch told, "[Offset] wanted to get paid for his feature, and she was playing games with that bag."

When we asked how much Cardi owes the Migos rapper, we were told, "Around 250 stacks." Yes . . . you read that right $250,000.

The insider added, "He's gonna get his money too."