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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Cardi B ADMITS She And OFFSET Have An 'OPEN' Relationship . . . BARDI Claims . .. That She Gets 'SIDE D*CK TOO'!!!


Cardi B and Offset's relationship just got EXPOSED - for what it truly is . . . and OPEN celebrity relationship.

Cardi ADMITTED it last night when a fan questioned WHY she would stay with OFFSET - given that he's CHEATING on her.

According to CARDI . . . she's not pressed cause she gets her SIDE D*CK TOO!!

This all started when a video of Offset purportedly getting some with his side chick surfaced. Cardi and Offset tried to put up a united front - by releasing their own "sex" tape. And there's talk that Offset has two baby's mamas TO BE.

We have to say it . . . this whole relationship is a lil messy.