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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Bardi And Bey . . . Beyonce Just Recorded A SONG With Cardi B . . . Is This A BAD LOOK For Beyonce?? (Nicki's Gonna Be UPSET . . . .)

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Cardi B was shaking her butt for dollar bills just a year ago . . . now she's collaborating with BEYONCE on a new song:


Yesterday, Cardi's engineer ASH released a screenshot that suggested that Beyonce may be considering COLLABORATING with Cardi on a song on her new album.

And now it's OFFICIAL. Beyonce's OFFICIAL BEY HIVE Twitter reported this last night, "We can confirm by someone close to the record that Beyoncé will indeed be on Cardi B’s new album! And the record is finished!"

This is a GREAT LOOK for Cardi . . . but we're not sure if it's such a good one for BEY...