MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Atlanta Housewives Kenya's Marriage Was REAL . . . . The Show Is Now In An 'UPHEAVAL' . . . And Kenya May Get FIRED Y'all!! (This Is TOO JUICY)


Here's the tea we just received - from a person affiliated with the Atlanta Housewives:

There is some chaos and confusion regarding Kenya Moore's recent wedding. First, the wedding was very much real. The marriage license will hit the net in the next couple of weeks. Second, Kenya Moore is on the war path after images of her island wedding ended up online. She had no idea that pics would leak so fast. I can't say how TT got them because I honestly don't know but no one from Team Kenya leaked the pics to her.

There was an emergency production meeting (if I say the date the source will be outed) and Kenya was phoned in. There was another person phoned in on the conference call but I can't remember who the person is. It was someone from Bravo. Kenya admitted that she fell in love and didn't want the wedding to be on the show because it would bring toxicity to the union. She also said she didn't want to have her relationship associated with RHOA in any way, which is why she got married outside of taping.

For now, Kenya will be filming but her official story line for season 10 was supposed to be her made-for-tv feud with Kim Z (a part-time character for season 10) and her picking up the pieces of her life now that she has moved on from Matt Jordan. Kenya getting married complicated things for production because they were actually in talks with Matt Jordan to have a "closure scene" which Kenya wasn't going to be part of. If that doesn't make sense, the way it was supposed to go is that Cynthia would play middle man and tell Matt that Kenya wants to be left alone while Matt spills his heart out to Cynthia.

Now the reason Kenya's status is up in the air is because she let production know that she had no plans of showcasing her new husband for season 10.

They aren't going to fire Kenya for season 10 but she knows that True Entertainment and Bravo are not happy with her actions. There are talks about an "appropriate punishment" for Kenya that may include diminished screen time or even demotion to Friend of Housewives status.

Kenya is in a good place in her life and completely unbothered and will start shooting scenes from season 10 in the coming days. Kenya has told production that if anyone mentions her new husband she will make sure the scene can't be used for tv even with the best editing. That pretty much means she'll either ignore the person who mentioned her marriage/husband (production hates this because they can't do anything with a blank stare) or she'll break the fourth wall and mention production which will make the scene completely useless.

This is tea that I received from a friend of mine. The person who gave me this tea works as an independent contractor for True Entertainment and had to sign an NDA. I felt comfortable sharing this because it has now made its way around the offices at both Bravo and True.

Here are the images, courtesy of Tamara Tattles:

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