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MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: We've Got The 'REAL TEA" . . . On Why TAMAR BRAXTON . . . Is Divorcing HER HUSBAND VINCE!!! (Is She JUSTIFIED . . . Or NAH??)

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    Original: just spoke with someone IN THE KNOW who explains WHY Tamar Braxton is filing to divorce her husband Vince. According to the insider, Tamar has for all practical purposes - LOST "RESPECT" for Vince.

The insider, who spoke with on the condition of anonymity said, "Tamar has been really vicious towards Vince lately. She told him that she's NOT physically attracted to him . . . and she blames HIM for all the stuff that's going on with her career."

According to our insider, Tamar's album FLOPPING two weeks ago - was the beginning of the end of their marriage. The tipster added, "I think she looked at her marriage as a business . . . and if she couldn't get what she wanted out of Vince [career success] - what does she need him around for."

There's more. Vince recently had a GIANT multi-million dollar judgment against him - by Tamar's former record label. Our insider believes that Tamar may want to get OUT FROM UNDER THAT DEBT too. The insider explained, "Tamar ain't dumb. She knows that if she divorces [Vince], she may not have to pay those millions."

Vince and Tamar's relationship had gotten so bad that he was no longer FILMING Tamar &Vince - the couple's reality show.

So what do you think . . . is Tamar JUSTIFIED.