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MTO SUPER WORLD EXCLUSIVE: BLACK PANTHER Actors . . . Lupita Nyong'o And Michael B. Jordan . . . Are DATING!! (EXCLUSIVE PICS)

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The new BLACK PANTHER movie is set for release next week, and we have some EXCITING NEWS about the cast. has EXCLUSIVELY CONFIRMED that actor Michael B. Jordan and co-star Lupita Nyong’o have been SEEING EACH OTHER ROMANTICALLY.

This is not a rumor – it’s 100% FACTS.

We spoke with one of our FRIENDS on the cast, and they told us, “Michael always had a crush on Lupita and right around the time that we wrapped – he SHOT HIS SHOT.”

The insider continued, “It worked because they’re dating now. And they seem really into each other.”

Of course, the couple is TRYING to keep it on the low. But you can DEFINITELY see that something’s going on – if you peep their body language.

Prior to the release of Black Panther's presale tickets, it was reported that Michael B. Jordan was, in fact, dating a Latina woman, Ashlyn Castro, after they were captured ina video, partying together. The rumors sent social media into a frenzy, and some called for Black women to boycott the Marvel movie - but nah, Black women saw the bigger picture and the noise was quickly extinguished!

This news will surely send social media into another frenzy, but for the right reasons this time. Lupita is absolutely stunning, and Micheal B. Jordan isn't bad on the eyes either!

We look forward to seeing this Hollywood power couple flourish and wish them all the best!

Have a peep at the pictures of them out together. Do you see it too?

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