MTO SUPER WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: Russell Wilson Took Future's SON . . . To His HALF-Sister's BIRTHDAY PARTY . . . And Russell And Future Had A 'GROWN MAN TALK'!!! (Details And Pics)

Future_Ciara has some EXCLUSIVE NEWS - the drama behind Future and Ciara may be OVER. We have a lot of love for BOTH Future and Ciara, so we're EXTREMELY happy to be reporting this.

We EXCLUSIVELY learned that this past weekend, Russell flew to Atlanta and took Future Zahir to his half sister's birthday party.

He was spotted at the airport after picking Future Zahir up and heading back to LA.

So why did Russell take Future, and not Ciara. Well two reasons we're told. First, Ciara is due at any time so she is no longer permitted to travel. And SECOND, because Russell wanted to have a grown man talk with Future.

We're told that talk happened, and the two men are working towards having a positive relationship with each other.