MTO SUPER WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna's Pregnant . . . And We've Got PROOF . . . Look How Much Her Nose Is SPREADING!!!! (Before And After Pics)


There are all kinds of RUMORS surrounding Rihanna - that she and her Arab billionaire boyfriend are engaged.

We can't CONFIRM that. But we can DEFINITELY confirm something else - possibly even MORE exciting. You see, Rihanna is PREGNANT. was IN THE BUILDING inside Avenue Nightclub last night in NY - and Rihanna was there. We watched her like a HAWK - and she did not drink ANY alcohol - or ANY coke.

She just sipped on orange juice and pineapple juice all night long. Also, she DIDN'T SMOKE WEED.

For Rihanna to not smoke or DRINK on a night out - is VERY rare.

But there's more. Look at recent pics - you can see that her NOSE IS SPREADING. The below pic shows EXACTLY what we're talking about.